Ai-Augmented productivity applies the latest advances in artificial intelligence to your highly-specific information workload, giving you a choice: achieve significantly more in the same time to a higher level of quality or liberate the time saved entirely.

Ogg™ Extensions for Azure DevOps inject the immense power of large language models directly onto the front line of project delivery, accelerating the process from conceptualization to realization and enhancing quality end-to end.

The cutting edge, direct to your daily-driver business app.

A rocket ship
The Writer

Amazing user stories, requirements, features* and more
The Critic

Understand the quality of your information
The Sherpa

Know where to go next, guided by a guru
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Frequently asked questions

What are Ogg extensions and how do they improve my workflow?
How can Ogg extensions be accessed?
How secure is my data with Ogg extensions?
Is there a trial version available?
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