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Enhance user story creation and management with our powerful AI-augmented Microsoft Azure DevOps and Jira extension.

Frustrated with vague user stories?

Speed up your project delivery 🚀 by using Ogg to quickly make your user stories detailed, articulated, and implementation-ready.
The Problem
User stories can start out vague and incomplete. This causes unnecessary delays to your delivery.


The Guidance
Ask the Critic and Sherpa AI agents to review your story. They will help you quickly find out what's missing and guide your next steps.


The Complete User Story
Once you've added the missing information to you user story, ask The Writer to clean it all up for you. Now your story is ready for implementation.


Why choose ogg?

Increased Efficiency
Improve the clarity and structure of user stories, helping developers implement features faster. Harness the power of AI at your fingertips using Ogg's agents:

- The Critic
- The Sherpa
- The Writer
Agile Methodologies Built-In
Ogg applies the best Agile principles  automatically to ensure your projects follow best practices.



Less time spent



Less bug-related delays

Time Savings
Reduce the time business analysts spend on user stories by 30% and cut down bug-related delays by 50%
Seamless Integration
Fully integrates with Microsoft Azure DevOps and Jira, maintaining a native user experience.

Getting the Most Out of Ogg

The Critic

Meet The Critic: Your Quality Assurance Ally

Acting as your built-in quality assurance expert, The Critic meticulously analyzes content to ensure it meets the highest standards of clarity, relevance, and completeness.

Enhanced Clarity: Ensures your user stories are clear and understandable

Logical Coherence: Checks for logical consistency and relevance

Quality Assurance: Acts as a meticulous reviewer, highlighting potential issues.

Efficiency: Saves time by providing immediate feedback and suggestions

Confidence: Helps your team proceed with assurance, knowing that user stories meet high standards.

The Sherpa

Navigate with The Sherpa: Your Agile Guide

The Sherpa is your trusted guide in the complex landscape of Agile project management. It provides real-time, structured guidance to ensure your user stories are well-defined, dependencies are identified, and tasks are clearly outlined.

Guidance: Offers clear direction and next steps

Insightful: Provides actionable insights to enhance project flow

Efficiency: Keeps your team focused and on the right path

The Writer

Introducing The Writer: Your Agile Content Creator

The Writer helps you craft clear, precise, and detailed user stories that are ready for implementation. By leveraging advanced AI, it ensures that your user stories are not only well-articulated but also aligned with best practices and standards.

Precision and Clarity: Generates clear and detailed user stories, reducing ambiguity and enhancing understanding

Consistency: Ensures that all user stories adhere to predefined standards and formats, maintaining uniformity across your documentation

Efficiency: Saves time by automating the content creation process, allowing your team to focus on higher-value tasks

Alignment: Automatically aligns user stories with your Agile methodologies and rules, ensuring consistency and best practices

Seamless Integration: Easily save suggestions generated by The Writer to your Jira or Azure DevOps ticket with a single click.

Project Settings Configuration

Customize Your Experience: Project Settings Configuration

Ogg's intuitive settings interface allows you to tailor the environment to fit your specific project needs, ensuring that every aspect of your Agile documentation is aligned with your objectives and requirements.

Moreover, Ogg uses these settings as context information to provide more accurate and relevant responses when invoking its agents.

Hint: If you want to have a bit of fun, try playing with Ogg's writing personalities 😉
Definition of Ready (DoR)

Ensure Preparedness with Definition of Ready

The Definition of Ready (DoR) feature within Ogg’s settings ensures that your user stories and tasks are fully prepared before they enter the development phase. By clearly defining what constitutes a 'ready' user story for your project, the DoR feature helps streamline your workflow, reduce misunderstandings, and increase the overall efficiency of your Agile processes.

Ogg will make sure that your user stories adhere to your DoR.

Understand Your Users with the Personas Feature

The Personas feature in Ogg’s project settings helps you clearly define and understand the various stakeholders and user types involved in your project. By creating detailed personas, you ensure that your user stories and project documentation are tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of your users. This feature provides a structured way to capture the goals, behaviors, and pain points of each persona, ensuring that your development efforts are aligned with user expectations.

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Simple, Transparent Pricing

Web App


for 30 days
Aimed at individuals who want to get a feel for Ogg without having to actually the extension, this web app can be accessed directly in your browser by signing up for free.

The Writer - Worry less about the act of documenting

The Critic - High-quality, anonymous feedback

The Sherpa - Guidance toward completion

Custom definition of ready

Custom personas

Work in any language

Secure by default. See

Jira Extension


/ month for 1-10 users
The extension for Jira brings all the features of Ogg directly in your Jira requirements.

Check marketplace for more pricing options.

All Web App features

Access Ogg inside Jira

Work with your Jira data

Automatically update Jira requirements

Free trial

Custom Jira pricing

Azure DevOps Extension


/ month per user
Purposefully designed for Azure DevOps, the Ogg Extension For Azure DevOps integrates seamlessly with your workflow.

Contact us for teams pricing.

All Web App features

Access Ogg inside Microsoft Azure DevOps

Work with your Azure DevOps data

Automatically update Azure DevOps work items

Free trial

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