Here at Intriq we take security seriously. Our products leverage Azure's security backbone with its array of security controls and standards. On top of this, we don't store any confidential company data on our servers, and all data is encrypted.

Token based auth and encryption

Authenticated APIs: All our APIs require an authentication token to be passed.

Multi-Factor Authentication: Checks for logical consistency and relevance.

Encryption: All customer data is encrypted in transit using TLS 1.2 and at rest using AES-256 encryption.

Data privacy

Data is not stored or used for training AI models

We strive to keep only the essential bits of information about you that we need, such as name, email, and company name. Other than that, we don't store anything else. Data being submitted when using Ogg is not stored on our database, nor is it used for training AI models.

When using the Ogg extension, your work item data and responses from Ogg Agents is stored either on your Project Management software, or in your browser session.

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Code analysis

Code crafted with care for seamless performance

Code Analysis: We use tools to identify issues in our code and third party dependencies

Secure Development Policy: We peer review our code and bombard it with automated testing before you get to touch it.

Infrastructure Security: We utilize infrastructure-as-code techniques to securely and reliably deploy resources to our Azure tenant.

Physical security

Azure-managed physical security

Physical security of our infrastructure is managed by Azure. For more information, please see this overview.

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